Real estate

We provide services related to the acquisition and disposal of real estate as well as the use of the property on the basis of civil law contracts. We provide services related to the investment process. We help both in administrative process to obtain the necessary permits as well as we advice on contracts in investment process.

In particular we help on:

  • analysis of the legal state of real estates as well as the parties of the transaction,
  • transactions for purchase of real estates, preparation of sales agreement,
  • preparation of agreements connected with usage of real estate (lease and tenancy contracts),
  • Preparing and negotiating and drafting works contracts in investment process (with investors, construction contracts, contracts with architects and employers),
  • representation in front of bodies of public administration and administration courts,
  • preparation of agreements with construction works,
  • obtaining administrative permits for real estate purchases, construction permits, and occupancy permits,
  • Representation in proceedings before the Land and Mortgage Register Court (associated with a change in ownership, agreeing with the content of the Land Register legal status or inclusion in or deletion of a mortgage),
  • conduct proceedings on usucaption,
  • conduct proceedings on payments on the annuity,
  • conduct proceedings on removal of real estate co-ownership.
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